What’s the LGBT situation in….Andorra?


  • Same-sexual activity has been legal in Andorra since 1790, with an equal age of consent – 16.
  • Information on whether transgenders are legally able to change their gender is currently unavailable.
  • Andorra has no military, so LGBT persons have no need to serve openly.
  • There are anti-discrimination laws in place in Andorra in all areas on the basis of sexual orientation, but there are no anti-discrimination laws on the basis of gender identity.
  • Andorra has legalised civil unions – originally called “stable unions” – in 2005, and then updated in 2014.
  • There is currently no data on public opinion of same-sex marriage in Andorra.
  • There are no adoption rights in Andorra.
  • If LGBT persons wish to donate blood in Andorra, then they must go to the Spanish Blood Service, as there is no ban in the country, while the French Blood Service bans MSMs from donating blood. Andorra has no Blood Service.

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