San Marino

What’s the LGBT situation in….San Marino?


  • Same-sex activity has been legal in San Marino since 1864, with an equal age of consent – 14.
  • Information on whether or not transgenders have a legal right to change their gender is currently unavailable.
  • San Marino has no army, as Italy is responsible for defense. However, LGBT persons can become part of the Guard of the Rock.
  • There are anti-discrimination laws in place in most areas on the grounds of sexual orientation.
  • Unregistered cohabitation is legal in San Marino. Same-sex marriages performed in other countries with Sammarinese citizens are also recognised. San Marino does not perform any same-sex marriages of its own.
  • Public opinion in San Marino on same-sex is currently unavailable.
  • There are no adoption rights for LGBT persons in San Marino.

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